Deepti Bhuban has its personnel policy, which is followed
in operation of the organization. At least 50%
staff members are female who are equally treated in all cases. Women employee allowed work with flexible duty hours and they enjoy other facilities.

Bangladesh Association of
Software and Information Services

Bangladesh Association of Software and
Information Services (BASIS) is the national trade
body for Software & IT Enabled Service industry of
Bangladesh. Established in 1997,

Bangladesh Computer Samity (BCS)

Around late 1987, a renowned business professional
of our country, first floated the idea of forming of
forming an association of the Computer Industry
which could serve as a common base for this
industry to express its views to the Government.

Bangladesh Association of
Call Center & Outsourcing

Research has identified that Bangladesh can exploit
the full benefit of offshore market with the help of a
vast cost-effective workforce of educated,
English-speaking personnel, low-cost technology,
and proper government support.

e-Commerce Association of

e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB) is
devoted to the development of the Bangladeshi
e-Commerce sector. e-Commerce has been in
Bangladesh since the late 90s.

Endangered Plants and Animals
Conservation Foundation, Bangladesh

Preservation of endangered plants and animals is a
voluntary social organization. Save the endangered
plants and animals Foundation, Bangladesh (Endang-
ered Plants and Animals Conservation Foundation,
Bangladesh) was founded in 2010